Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please help

If anyone knows how to do this I would love to hear from you about how to do it. I would like to know how to use the crochet crosshatch stitch pattern in the round. I can only find the stitch pattern that is worked flat, I'm sure you must be able to do it. I've tried millions of times and nothing I try to do works out. So if anyone out there knows how to do it please hit me up with a link or pattern or even a book.



Friday, December 21, 2007


I thought I would update everyone with what I am trying to do with my crochet as of late. I have drawn up a few plans for some cool beanies to be sold on my Etsy shop. I have gotten one design from paper to yarn to hat already, the one I believed to be the hardest which it was I had to rip that thing out so many times before I finally got something that would be perfect. So now it's on to the others, they should be a lot easier but still very cool and something that hopefully hasn't really been seen before on a crocheted hat. I'm trying to be unique but not so much I come up with something unwearable. These hats are going to be made with some great wool yarns and colors. That is the plan, I'm at square one, and I'm moving forward, hopefully there will be a giant X at the end.

This is Captain Blackwater signing off.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Slipper's Update

So they came out a little too large. Well the second one came out a little large, I was having some problems because I missed a stitch somewhere I tried to fix it without ripping it back all the way but apparently to no avail. So I'm going to rip both out and start from the beginning because the first one was a little loose for my comfort as well. bleh. i think i might also add a second sole to make it a little thicker and stronger.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Gingerbread" House!!!!!'s made out of cinnamon graham crackers!!! it fuckin rocks. and now here from my brain to your eyes the kick ass graham cracker house.

here is a little bit during construction
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here it is all finished i would have done a few more things but we ran out of frosting so we weren't gonna get more just for gingerbread houses
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this is me being proud of my glorious work
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Kellen has a Slipper

I found this pattern a while ago (click here) but it's was a little too small and a little wrong so i got frustrated and gave up. Then a few days ago i learned how to do something that was need to make the slippers so i looked it up again and started working on it last night and fixed all the errors and added a size. I really like these i have to finish the other one.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Updated shit

I added a few projects to my ravelry!!! go check it out man!!!! later I'll add some shit here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


To whom it may concern

i'm sorry i don't update my blog very much. ;)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Motorcycle Jacket!!

well at long last i finally finished this after working for weeks to work out my own pattern from complete scratch and then just working it up and then having to get more yarn to finish it. i'm pretty happy with this. it's bulky but so are real ones so i'm cool. it's not completely finished i still have to completely reinforce the main zipper and add some more snaps(have to get more) to the lapels to hold them in place and make them look better. also i will be adding a belt to the bottom to make it more accurate to a real jacket it will be crocheted as well as will the belt loops of course.

here it is layed out

here's the little money pouch pocket deal

here is the diagonal pocket which was reall a pain to do

real jackets have zippers on the cuff too but i didn't think i could handle any more

here is the collar and the lapels, they're kind of ify but they'll do

and here it is in action modeled by yours truely :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH!!! i created that hat on the guy in the front with debbie stoller!!!!!!!! this is going to be freakin sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


so i've had this sweater that i stenciled the crimson ghost on the back for awhile and recently i decided that it needed to be a zip up! so i went for it i cut up the front and "sewed" in a black zipper. i wanted a pink one but i couldn't find one, but i guess i could always change it if i wanted. also i thought this had to have the word Misfits on the front so i did that as well. here it is.

i forgot to take a picture of the front before i put in the zipper

close up

misfits kick ass and i think this turned out perfect

close up

Thursday, May 17, 2007


a lady at work asked me if i could make a frog toilet paper cover a while ago well i kind of didn't have any inspiration to make one but i told her i could do it easy so after a couple weeks of some serious procrastination she tells me that her mom wants one and now another lady wants one, so after work that day which was yesterday i buckled down and made my first one.

can you tell it's a frog other than the tongue and fly on it?

ah ha! there it is!!

here are the legs

Sunday, April 22, 2007


well i finally did it!! i just couldn't get it i don't know what i was doing. even this time i still had to fix numerous mistakes but i finally did it!! maybe it was because i didn't use two strands of yarn or cotton for that matter or the right hook who knows. but i got it done. i'm not really into cowboy hats or anything, but i know i can use this pattern to make a pretty good fedora which is pretty close to this i just need to make the brim a little smaller which i should have just done but oh well. i need to make this for one of my friends who has a country boy side and would wear a cowboy hat kind of like this. anyway here is it.

sorry for the cheesy pose

here is one a bit closer

Jesus(HEY-ZEUS) the Chihuahua

my girlfriend has been missing her little chihuahua since we moved so i made her this guy to keep her company. i personally love the bandana with the j on it, kills me. i might have to make a life size one for the real Jesus(HEY-ZEUS). i just have to finish it up by putting eyes on it but i don't have anything to do that so he'll have to wait for the light.....HAHAHAHAHA. do you get it? maybe that's one of my famous only funny to me jokes... anyways what do you think?

OH!! i got the pattern from this site [url=]CHIHUAHUA[/url]


i made my sister a conan o brien doll cause she loves him and i love her! i had a bigger draft in the works for christmas last year but the hair gave me some serious problems so it didn't get done but i started it again yesterday made it a little bit smaller and figured out an ok way to get the hair done so now i just need to send him off! i'm pretty sure my sister will go ape sh** for him.

ready to shine!! look at that tie he's a lady killer!!

i used french knots for the eyes and some embroidery floss for the mouth i tried to do some shaping to get a chin but it do much but it's ok. the nose is a bobble

he's got a snazy little blazer jacket lapels and all i sewed the front shut to keep it i forgot a button hole i'll have to make a knew one later that she can put on instead

he even has some ears made out of an four stitches in one stitch two being long half double stitches to for an earlobe then i slipstitched back to make them all onestitch(i took out the increases) which pushed out the ear a little bit

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tattoo Inspired Laptop Sleeve

I came up with the idea after finishing up my dead kennedys hat and wanted to do more crocheted graphs and what not, and i thought tattoos at least simple ones would be great crochet charts! i think this one proves it, to me at least. i love how it came out. i embroidered freedom on the banner to reference the "freedom" computers/internet brings and it goes along with the freedom of a bird. i hope you enjoy it like i do. i have other charts i'm working on as well, i just need more projects to use them on. cause, and i know people will tell me differently but how many crocheted sweaters does one guy need! i guess i need to start giving things away or selling them! anyways here it is.

here is the heavy hitter that gets to sleep in this cuddly thing

here is the front panel with the tattoo/picture!

here is the back of the front panel!! i hate cutting yarn at every row so i like to string it along the back

here is a closer shot of the front

here it is all finised i made a cushy black sleeve that i just single crocheted the front pannel on too

and here they are together finally at long last!! such a beautiful thing! i'm thinking i will also add a little handle or something, i'm definitely putting this into the local fair this year!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


well this is for all the punk rockers out there. and for anyone who might think that crochet isn't cool or can't be cool!

i give you the dead kennedys logo in crocheted hat form!!

but oh no!!

it's to long! i also did to many increase rounds, it a little loose. this was mostly a prototype to see if i could use a chart in the round without it getting all slanty. and it did work!! all i did was turn at each round and used the backward/tapestry crochet every other round so my stitches looked the same on the outside. so now that i know this works i'll have to work on a smaller DK logo to fit on a hat and some other charts that i've been wanting to do on hats! rock on.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

New Treasures!!

Here are some of my most recent endeavors in the crocheting world. I will post yarn specs and hook sizes for each item later. stay right tuned there is still more to come!!if anyone has had this happen to them please tell me why there is so much space between my description and the table i made with all my pictures, when i don't have any html tags that you do that.

These were a christmas present for someone. i had been looking and looking for a pattern like this forever, and all i could find were the wrist warmer fingerless glove things, but i wanted actual fingerless gloves. finally i found this pattern and it was so amazingly easy and quick, and they are very customizable. i'm currently trying to figure out a good chart for these that look like hand bones.

This is the third sweater i've made if you include the prepster jacket in the happy hooker book. this one was made with the use of the Knitware software using the crochet options of course. it has raglan style sleeves, and stripes. i origianlly wanted to do a Crass(for those not in the know crass is a punk band) symbol on the back but then i realized i don't listen to them that much to justify a sweater, the symbol is just really cool. i would like to do a few more like this maybe a dead kennedy's logo sweater, or the clash, something to show that crochet is fuckin rad!!

this guy is ugly....hahaha but the beanie is quite good i think. it's an original design aside from the fact that it's based on those knitted beanies with bills, and kind of hard to describe but it was made flat with shaping on each end and then folded in half and sewn together with a plastic bill shape that is slip stitched into place. i didn't know the plastic was going to be white so it shows through like crazy, but the stitches are already stretched out so there isn't much i can do.

this was another christmas present for my dad THE Charger fan. i think the lightening bolts came out very good and it fits really well. not much else say about this one.

i saw this style done on craftster in the crochet section and i fell for it immediately i tried to ask for a pattern , along with a hundred others, but the lady wasn't going to give it up, so i began my adventure to figure it out myself, and this is what came of that. i love it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


avast ye mateys! thar be a new pirate sailing these waters!

ok i won't talk like that all the time but sometimes the swashbuckling, one eyed, peg legged, treasure hunter in me will come out.

kellen's the name and crochet's the game, i have a lot of recent projects that I'll get posted in the next week or so.

good bye for now