Monday, March 19, 2007


well this is for all the punk rockers out there. and for anyone who might think that crochet isn't cool or can't be cool!

i give you the dead kennedys logo in crocheted hat form!!

but oh no!!

it's to long! i also did to many increase rounds, it a little loose. this was mostly a prototype to see if i could use a chart in the round without it getting all slanty. and it did work!! all i did was turn at each round and used the backward/tapestry crochet every other round so my stitches looked the same on the outside. so now that i know this works i'll have to work on a smaller DK logo to fit on a hat and some other charts that i've been wanting to do on hats! rock on.

1 comment:

LaSandri said...

fricken bad ass colorwork! good job! i aspire to be piratey like that!