Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tattoo Inspired Laptop Sleeve

I came up with the idea after finishing up my dead kennedys hat and wanted to do more crocheted graphs and what not, and i thought tattoos at least simple ones would be great crochet charts! i think this one proves it, to me at least. i love how it came out. i embroidered freedom on the banner to reference the "freedom" computers/internet brings and it goes along with the freedom of a bird. i hope you enjoy it like i do. i have other charts i'm working on as well, i just need more projects to use them on. cause, and i know people will tell me differently but how many crocheted sweaters does one guy need! i guess i need to start giving things away or selling them! anyways here it is.

here is the heavy hitter that gets to sleep in this cuddly thing

here is the front panel with the tattoo/picture!

here is the back of the front panel!! i hate cutting yarn at every row so i like to string it along the back

here is a closer shot of the front

here it is all finised i made a cushy black sleeve that i just single crocheted the front pannel on too

and here they are together finally at long last!! such a beautiful thing! i'm thinking i will also add a little handle or something, i'm definitely putting this into the local fair this year!!

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