Sunday, April 22, 2007


well i finally did it!! i just couldn't get it i don't know what i was doing. even this time i still had to fix numerous mistakes but i finally did it!! maybe it was because i didn't use two strands of yarn or cotton for that matter or the right hook who knows. but i got it done. i'm not really into cowboy hats or anything, but i know i can use this pattern to make a pretty good fedora which is pretty close to this i just need to make the brim a little smaller which i should have just done but oh well. i need to make this for one of my friends who has a country boy side and would wear a cowboy hat kind of like this. anyway here is it.

sorry for the cheesy pose

here is one a bit closer

Jesus(HEY-ZEUS) the Chihuahua

my girlfriend has been missing her little chihuahua since we moved so i made her this guy to keep her company. i personally love the bandana with the j on it, kills me. i might have to make a life size one for the real Jesus(HEY-ZEUS). i just have to finish it up by putting eyes on it but i don't have anything to do that so he'll have to wait for the light.....HAHAHAHAHA. do you get it? maybe that's one of my famous only funny to me jokes... anyways what do you think?

OH!! i got the pattern from this site [url=]CHIHUAHUA[/url]


i made my sister a conan o brien doll cause she loves him and i love her! i had a bigger draft in the works for christmas last year but the hair gave me some serious problems so it didn't get done but i started it again yesterday made it a little bit smaller and figured out an ok way to get the hair done so now i just need to send him off! i'm pretty sure my sister will go ape sh** for him.

ready to shine!! look at that tie he's a lady killer!!

i used french knots for the eyes and some embroidery floss for the mouth i tried to do some shaping to get a chin but it do much but it's ok. the nose is a bobble

he's got a snazy little blazer jacket lapels and all i sewed the front shut to keep it i forgot a button hole i'll have to make a knew one later that she can put on instead

he even has some ears made out of an four stitches in one stitch two being long half double stitches to for an earlobe then i slipstitched back to make them all onestitch(i took out the increases) which pushed out the ear a little bit

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tattoo Inspired Laptop Sleeve

I came up with the idea after finishing up my dead kennedys hat and wanted to do more crocheted graphs and what not, and i thought tattoos at least simple ones would be great crochet charts! i think this one proves it, to me at least. i love how it came out. i embroidered freedom on the banner to reference the "freedom" computers/internet brings and it goes along with the freedom of a bird. i hope you enjoy it like i do. i have other charts i'm working on as well, i just need more projects to use them on. cause, and i know people will tell me differently but how many crocheted sweaters does one guy need! i guess i need to start giving things away or selling them! anyways here it is.

here is the heavy hitter that gets to sleep in this cuddly thing

here is the front panel with the tattoo/picture!

here is the back of the front panel!! i hate cutting yarn at every row so i like to string it along the back

here is a closer shot of the front

here it is all finised i made a cushy black sleeve that i just single crocheted the front pannel on too

and here they are together finally at long last!! such a beautiful thing! i'm thinking i will also add a little handle or something, i'm definitely putting this into the local fair this year!!