Wednesday, May 23, 2007


so i've had this sweater that i stenciled the crimson ghost on the back for awhile and recently i decided that it needed to be a zip up! so i went for it i cut up the front and "sewed" in a black zipper. i wanted a pink one but i couldn't find one, but i guess i could always change it if i wanted. also i thought this had to have the word Misfits on the front so i did that as well. here it is.

i forgot to take a picture of the front before i put in the zipper

close up

misfits kick ass and i think this turned out perfect

close up

Thursday, May 17, 2007


a lady at work asked me if i could make a frog toilet paper cover a while ago well i kind of didn't have any inspiration to make one but i told her i could do it easy so after a couple weeks of some serious procrastination she tells me that her mom wants one and now another lady wants one, so after work that day which was yesterday i buckled down and made my first one.

can you tell it's a frog other than the tongue and fly on it?

ah ha! there it is!!

here are the legs