Sunday, April 22, 2007


i made my sister a conan o brien doll cause she loves him and i love her! i had a bigger draft in the works for christmas last year but the hair gave me some serious problems so it didn't get done but i started it again yesterday made it a little bit smaller and figured out an ok way to get the hair done so now i just need to send him off! i'm pretty sure my sister will go ape sh** for him.

ready to shine!! look at that tie he's a lady killer!!

i used french knots for the eyes and some embroidery floss for the mouth i tried to do some shaping to get a chin but it do much but it's ok. the nose is a bobble

he's got a snazy little blazer jacket lapels and all i sewed the front shut to keep it i forgot a button hole i'll have to make a knew one later that she can put on instead

he even has some ears made out of an four stitches in one stitch two being long half double stitches to for an earlobe then i slipstitched back to make them all onestitch(i took out the increases) which pushed out the ear a little bit


kitschkween said...
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kitschkween said...

OMG! I love Conan! I hope one day I ccould find the time to make him. How did you make the blazer, tie, and hair?