Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wide cuff watch straps coming soon!

So Violet bought me a new watch for my birthday, nothing special just something that I liked and tells time. The strap broke after a week! I was looking around the internet yesterday to find a solid looking strap, preferably a wide cuff type, but they were all twenty dollars! So I gave up and picked up a hook.

I have ventured into this project a while ago. In fact Debbie Stoller showed interest in the one I had posted on Craftster a few years ago she didn't choose it for her book, but it was exciting. Besides it was only a crocheted rectangle and the watch face was sewn onto it, there wasn't much to it.

Anyways, I took a few cue's from the leather made watch straps on the internet and crocheted a nice black acrylic watch strap. I really like it! I does seem to stretch out so I'll have to solve that problem, but that shouldn't prove to be that hard. This design allows for a lot of customization, I can add things like appliqués, narrower strap, single straps, and maybe button clasps for the strap and the watch face, not to mention all the color's. Once I figure out how to stop the stretch this will definitely be added to my Etsy shop Pirate Crochet.

P.S. sorry for the bad pictures it's hard to get a good photo of black objects with no sun.

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