Friday, December 21, 2007


I thought I would update everyone with what I am trying to do with my crochet as of late. I have drawn up a few plans for some cool beanies to be sold on my Etsy shop. I have gotten one design from paper to yarn to hat already, the one I believed to be the hardest which it was I had to rip that thing out so many times before I finally got something that would be perfect. So now it's on to the others, they should be a lot easier but still very cool and something that hopefully hasn't really been seen before on a crocheted hat. I'm trying to be unique but not so much I come up with something unwearable. These hats are going to be made with some great wool yarns and colors. That is the plan, I'm at square one, and I'm moving forward, hopefully there will be a giant X at the end.

This is Captain Blackwater signing off.

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