Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jesus(HEY-ZEUS) the Chihuahua

my girlfriend has been missing her little chihuahua since we moved so i made her this guy to keep her company. i personally love the bandana with the j on it, kills me. i might have to make a life size one for the real Jesus(HEY-ZEUS). i just have to finish it up by putting eyes on it but i don't have anything to do that so he'll have to wait for the light.....HAHAHAHAHA. do you get it? maybe that's one of my famous only funny to me jokes... anyways what do you think?

OH!! i got the pattern from this site [url=]CHIHUAHUA[/url]

1 comment:

karla said...

he's adorable. i might have to commission you to crochet me an andromeda! she pretty much looks like a chihuahua but with a longer tail.