Monday, July 30, 2007

Motorcycle Jacket!!

well at long last i finally finished this after working for weeks to work out my own pattern from complete scratch and then just working it up and then having to get more yarn to finish it. i'm pretty happy with this. it's bulky but so are real ones so i'm cool. it's not completely finished i still have to completely reinforce the main zipper and add some more snaps(have to get more) to the lapels to hold them in place and make them look better. also i will be adding a belt to the bottom to make it more accurate to a real jacket it will be crocheted as well as will the belt loops of course.

here it is layed out

here's the little money pouch pocket deal

here is the diagonal pocket which was reall a pain to do

real jackets have zippers on the cuff too but i didn't think i could handle any more

here is the collar and the lapels, they're kind of ify but they'll do

and here it is in action modeled by yours truely :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH!!! i created that hat on the guy in the front with debbie stoller!!!!!!!! this is going to be freakin sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!1